Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hot Summer Pinks Part 1

Whipping out more stuff that has sat untried or unblogged for far too long. Summer is the right time for hot colors, neons, whites and glorious brights. Let's toss a few out there!

First two up I've wanted to share for a while.


LDL/Elle Elle 435.
This is from a 9 pack found at Ross. I have to admit, I snapped up a number of these as I tried out the formula. It dries well, wears like iron, is easy to work with, and, bonus, it's got a cute cubist bottle that taps into my inner PoMo aesthetic.
This is a bright pink shimmer.
Three coats, no top coat.
Shows the ridges a bit, also not self-leveling. I had bubbling, but it may have needed thinning. It's been on the shelf a while. Eep.
So, while it has its flaws, it covers well, which seems like a win to me.

China Glaze Hang Ten Toes.

A gorgeous hot pink thiscloseto neon with pale blue shimmer.
Lovely, frothy shimmer, not a real heavy shimmer, just delicate.

Three coats, not top coat, no white base. You can see a little bit of VNL in the top photo, but it's not bad enough to cause mayhem.

It's from the 2012 Summer Neon's collection.

I've spent so much time with the Color Club neons, I feel I've missed out on this whole collection!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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