Thursday, May 1, 2014

Deep Blues Part 1

Navy is so fresh and beautiful for spring.

Whenever I wear pink, magenta or fuchsia, I wear navy nails. Kind of mod, kind of retro for the 60's, but I really love the combo. It also reminds me of Indian saris with rich pinks and deep navy.

Here are a pair of shimmers, please enjoy.

Milani Midnight Satin

Three coats and no top coat.

Very beautiful navy shimmer in a black base that almost pushes the blurple realm.

I found this at the Dollar Tree a few months ago when there were quite a number of Milani's and I was glad to find this one. 

CND Nocturnal

Three coats and no top coat again, much more blue and much more of an old school formula. 

More traditional shimmer, and very nice formula. 

I think I purchased this from eBay. 

Both polishes are in a blackened jelly base, which is why I put them together. 


Here are comparisons:

Left to right:
 - Milani Midnight Satin
 - CND Nocturnal
 - Milani Midnight Satin
 - CND Nocturnal

This photo really does show a more accurate depth of the blue. 
Navy is navy, baby!

More blues soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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