Friday, May 16, 2014

A Plentitude of Pale Pinks Pt 2

Welcome to part 2 of my little coterie of pale pinks!

I've got six pale pinks to share and the theme has been old, new, perfect, impossible, obscure, and well known.


The "Perfect"

Etude House Pk 011

Oh. Wow. 

Although this isn't a super pale pink, it is light enough for me to call pale.

So, why so perfect? The formula is GREAT. 

REALLY nice.

Three coats no white base, no top coat. Self-leveling, easy to use, dried quickly and wore exceptionally well.

The bottle is small, feels like 10 mL, but I am not sure exactly because the label is in Korean. 
There is the phrase "VIP Girl" on the bottom in english, so I went to eBay and this color appears to not be around any more.

After using this, I need to delve into my Etude house more. It makes my best formulated polishes look like kibitzers by comparison. I need more of this in my collection.

The "Impossible"

Unnamed Ettusans pink

This is three coats  and a top coat.

I purchased this at a blog sale. It's tiny, 5-6 mL.

Pretty little pink shimmer. Warm-ish, but still demur. 

The impossible?
It was awful. Unwieldy. Blotchy. Uneven. Would not dry. Even with a quick dry top coat it remained wet beneath. 
The old "hard candy shell" syndrome where it's a slippery wet mess below a dry top coat. 

Such a shame.  The soft "hidden" shimmer was so tasty and showed up quite well on the nail. 


Part 3 coming soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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