Friday, April 11, 2014

Sally Hansen Leaps Into Toppers, Again

If you know me a little, you know I love a layering top coat.

Sally Hansen's Spring 2014 Color Vibrations looked very soft and delicate in the display. I felt as though I really only wanted Take The Leap, a pale pastel purple that has that milky fine fleck along with larger pink and blue flecks. Unyieldingly beautiful, it's a delicate polish that reminds me of my old Tracy Reese polishes from 2009.
If they weren't $7.99 a pop, I may have indulged more, but the formulas aren't my boon friend and I left am not excited about many of them. Yet, I still kind of want a couple more. 

On to the photos.

This is a natural relation to the CND toppers of the sparkle and shimmer family.

Alone, as you can see, it's thin and not terribly impressive. I think that over pink, white, or other pastels, or even mediums it would be very nice.

Over black it's blue and pink flecks are much less demure. There's a lot of glassy fine base giving it a milky base, so the pop isn't as clarified as the CND sparkles, but not so fine as the shimmers. 

Very pretty, if not super original. I always remind myself that Sally Hansen often brings unusual finishes to the drugstore shopper, who may, not to condescend at all, even have heard of CND much less their now defunct "Effects" polishes - which are, I must add, hard to top.

Still, it is a delicate fairy dust of a polish and if you don't have a CND or other translucent topper, I recommend this one. 

The formula is full on Sally: a bit slow to dry. The big brush still is going strong, too. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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