Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beyond Cozy vs. My Favorite Ornament

Let's be honest: silver or champagne or gold glitter is pure glam.

I ordered both Essie's Beyond Cozy and OPI My Favorite Ornament in hopes that they were a bit different. Pretty much regretted buying both when I saw the bottles next to each other. Under my Ott light they look like twins.

On the nail, though, the story is quite different.

Left to right:
 - Essie Beyond Cozy
 - OPI My Favorite Ornament
 - Essie Beyond Cozy
 - OPI My Favorite Ornament

Each one is three coats.

Formula on both was very good, however the formula on the Essie was a bit quicker to dry, which actually surprised me.

Clearly OPI's My Favorite Ornament is a subtle champagne next to Essie's Beyond Cozy, but if I compare the OPI to a real gold glitter, it pales. Next to a silver, it looks a bit tarnished.

Next to the OPI, Essie's Beyond Cozy looks absolutely silver, but it isn't. It's the more subtle version of the OPI. More neutral.

Of course I like both, which is natural.

Neither are really a spring polish, but I've been on a swatching kick and trying really to catch up on so many untrieds.

Keeps me busy.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

Note: I just edited a comma and this updated for today! Talk about frustrating!


  1. I have both of these and agree with you that the Essie is more neutral. I think it's brighter also, and looks better against my pink-based complexion that the OPI, which gives my fingers a bit of a dingy look. Great comparison!

    1. Thank you!
      So odd how they look identical in the bottle! ;D


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