Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice. Blue.

Long days seem to drag by when you miss someone special in your life.

The day after Maddie left us, a heavy cold fog settled here and for over a week every single thing was covered with a thick hoar frost that lasted all day, with scant few hours of it melting, only to re-form as the sun slipped away without ever making a proper entrance.

Sky covering its face in respect for our sorrow.

My favorite days of winter are the ones where a lost cloud floats in and the deep cold deposits everything onto trees, fences, and all the things that seem normal look like poetry.


Undeniably I need to find busy work to take my mind off this, so I'm delving back into the blog.

Picked a color that seemed to echo the winter sky.

Now-discontinued L.A. Robin Blue.

This is over two coats of an old Maybelline Express Finish white.

The color varies from a sweet purple leaning periwinkle in true white, color corrected light. In warmer tungsten, or lower lighting it pulls more gray and slightly blue.
Quite a pretty polish.

Old big 3 formula it is a sheer polish. The first coat was patchy, in fact, it made a delightful watercolor effect, this might have been because it does grab the coat below (which means it does drag a bit when applying). It's thin, tends to slop into the wells of the cuticles and cleanup was a must.
Although, I will add, my cleanup wasn't super thorough enough to get all the white out.

Three coats and it dried surprisingly well.

It is a "foamy" kind of creme: sheer, with a soft shimmer hidden deep in it and virtually invisible once on the nail, but apparent in the bottle.


This polish can still be found at Discount Cosmetic Outlet.


Last week we had a heavy snowfall that left more gossamer shapes made by massive snowflakes piling up in thick piles that flickered in the sunlight.

New days.

Here's a close up of the snow:


Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal. Truly.


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