Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nicole by OPI: Fabulous is My Middle Name

Bar glitter!

All righty!

It's a party!
Come on in!
Music is playing and drinks are flowing!

Seriously, enlarge this. If you dislike bar glitter, this one might be the exception to that rule.
I purchased this on eBay, as it was a Walmart exclusive and my Walmart did seem to ever get it in. What a pleasant surprise!

Yesterday I was in my local Shopko (now they seem to have gotten on board the nail polish trend by having a "nail bar" as well as all the latest collections by Sally Hansen and NOPI, plus some good sale bin pricing!) and saw this polish in a promotional display that proclaimed "new colors". All righty! Perhaps this little gem will have a nice life as a permanent polish? If so, good, it's a nice one.

Bar glitter in a host of colors along with a gold glitter.

blue, pink, red, gold, and blue glitter. 

Reminds me of New Years or Fourth of July. Party time!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I'm one of those who is not fond of 'bar' glitter but you are right, I really like this one. Can you tell if how many layers this is and if it on top of another base color or by itself. Thanks

    1. Hi! I must have been so worked up over the glitter, I forgot to mention the number of coats! Three by the way! ;D
      Thanks so much for your post!


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