Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gitch Yer Witch On

Hey folks!

Stamping. I suck.

Yet I love it. I own a lot of plates! Bundle Monster, Pueen, and Nail Craze (Etsy) to name a few.

Yet, like any nascent stamper, I persevere.

Persevere I tell you! Perse-freaking-vere!

WetnWild Nail Craze Inferno - three coats.
These are all from a plate I ordered through a German etailer: T23.
Really a superb plate.

It's really crisp and fun to work with.

This is without a topcoat. I actually used a cotton swab to remove a few failed attempts before finally getting it right. Yay!

This one was a bit more of a mixed bag.
Color Club Orange Revenge. Not even sure when I got this, but it was in a Ross set. It's a near neon orange. Needed about 4 coats, dried very satin and a new take on brush strokes for a cream: it left an impasto effect, so it was not self leveling at all.
Also, you can see through it if you enlarge.

Plate T23 at work on the index and ring finger, also the pinkie.
I think the spiders in the center and the web were Bundle Monster 13. Note that they look more like ticks than spiders, I couldn't get the legs to come out on this one.

Of course I have to say by this time I was a little frustrated by my big chunky tick thing and just gave up on clean up.

I had purchased - years ago - one of those stamping machines at Ross. I cannibalized it for plates, parts and polishes.
The polishes, thinned, are rather good.
The stamper is super squishy and easier to manage.

I still need a lot of work, but I like the results!

T23 plate was great. I purchased it through I ended up emailing her and she put together the plates I wanted and let me Paypal, versus going through the cart. Nice!

Here are the polishes I used:

I love Orange Revenge for a base, really makes that Halloween vibe feel like it's here.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!

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