Monday, September 2, 2013

Old New York Color and Old Sally Hansen Have a Party

I have to admit I've given short shrift to old New York Colors that were had from the Dollar Tree.

Many were sheer. Some I've unloaded.

It is a blast to find a really great use for those sheer ones!

Here's a layering that basically was a 5 layer sandwich of NYC 221 and Sally Hansen Razzle.

Please excuse the staining causing the dark band that shows up below the whites of my nails. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I adore this combo. I've got to say this was a blast to wear. Even though it was a lot of coats, it was worth it. Payoff was nice.

Sally Hansen was particularly fussy, but patience and some heat from my Verilux lamp and it was ready for the next layer.

Razzle isn't on eBay, but it's also in the throws of old age: some of the glitter is beginning to disintegrate. There is a bit of a milkiness in the glitter. Nothing big, but the beginning of the end. Time to start wearing The Hell out of it.

NYC 221 isn't on eBay either. It's a sheer shimmer. Shimmer jelly =  Shelly? Seriously, there are gorgeous color that isn't completely uncommon, there is probably a jelly out there.

NYC has been a solid beauty of a polish, just sheer. I can't really find it in my heart to dump it, it's a great hot magenta pink. It's also in that cute square bottle!

Meanwhile this combo shows up! Thanks to the last couple of years discovery of layering glitter under sheers as a nail polish phenomenon. Nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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