Friday, July 12, 2013

Humble Holos

Humble holo is not.

But in the case of holo glitter when it is rather fine, it's delicate and quite beautifully demure.

Here is an old discontinued LA Girl color:

Really more a garnet than ruby, it's a red warmish shimmer loaded with small holo glitter. Old L.A. Girl bottle that is cylindrical and not their mod shaped one with big shoulders and wacky font choices. This one was on their website a few years ago, I grabbed it, for some odd reason, and am really pleased with the formula.
Yes, it took a solid three coats, but it has that delicate haze of holo glitter that absolutely needs very little light to zap out the rainbows.
I tried searching for this shade on the internet, but only found the more recent release with big holo pieces that don't seem so ready to give up the actual holo (I confess I didn't find the 3D Effects collection very exciting, but have a trio of bottles only because of a failed swap attempt. Pewp)

The good news: it's currently on Discount Cosmetic Outlet's website. Win. I put this on par with doing a top coat with China Glaze Fairy Dust, or a mani with China Glaze Grape Crush, although the holo is smaller, more delicate and more holo under lower light conditions.
Full win.

I compared it to my perennial, Essie Wild Thing, which suddenly fell out of favor by comparison!

Instead of a shimmer, Essie gives us a jelly base, which shows ridges. The holo glitters are larger, but in some way less strong than the L.A. Girl polish.

Formula for the L.A. Girl was more superior: it dried quickly, was easier to work with and was more build able. Oh, and instead of delineating my ridged nails it smoothed things out.


I've ignored this sad little polish for ages. Why? Oh, because I was polish shopping/swapping/blog-saling like a drunken sailor trying to pick up stuff that I thought was going to be more genius than this $1.49 bottle o' cheap polish?

Ok, so the holo doesn't come out and slap you on the chops, but it does dance around your nail, like any good holo should do!

Here's the bottle shot:

In many ways it's apples and oranges: jelly versus shimmer, berry versus garnet red, larger holo versus small, but they are so similar in my collection, I thought I'd put them together.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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