Saturday, July 6, 2013

Figuring out Comments...Where did they go?

So, dear blogger friend Frazzle and Aniploish emailed and told me about my missing comments.Way what? I am so confused as to how that happened!

Since the last post that had them - summer bronze comparison - seems to be just as normal as the rest, I can't figure out what might have happened.

I'm tweaking fonts, etc, but I'm still a bit confused since I've not done any real tweaking for wider photo space for months.

While I have to admit that I adore my current layout, I may have to dump it all and start over. To be honest I know html and that's about it, I'm not CSS maestro fo' sho'.

Anyone who has any ideas, email me, please!!!

Meanwhile I will poke around Blogger for some help.

I've double checked settings and will poke around elsewhere. I wonder if my phone did this? So odd!

Thanks for your patience!

ps I'm OSX, using Safari. I notice I see comments on Firefox. Hope that helps in the meantime!


  1. Hey, I can see your comment box! I'm on Windows, using Firefox, and it had disappeared for awhile for me, too.
    I'm not a CSS master in any way either, but my blog layout is 100% tweaked by me so far... I look up a lot of tutorials and keep it simple!
    I use Disqus for my commenting system, and I LOVE IT. It's easy to set up, it imports all your old comments, and anyone can use it (depending on your settings, if they can be anonymous or not). My favorite feature over the limits of Blogger's inbuilt comments is that if I leave a comment on someone else's blog and I get a reply, I'm notified! With Blogger I have to subscribe to all replies and my inbox gets flooded, so I just don't. =( With Disqus I can just see what pertains to me. It's so nice... I'd recommend that if it works for you!

    1. I am so confused as to why they are up now! I might try Disqus, it's just one of those extra things to sign into that I've avoided. hehe.

  2. Okay, this is strange. I can get to the comments on this post, but not any other recent ones that I've checked. (On Firefox; I'll have to check Chrome in a bit.)

  3. Me again. :) Same story in Chrome--can click on link to comments on this entry (where there already are some) but can't on other posts. Weird.

  4. It is soooo bizarre.

    Not sure what happened. I am not even going to tweak CSS any more than I already have.

    I still am in the dark on the whole thing!

    Thanks for letting me know!!!!!
    You rock!


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