Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zoya Charla and WetnWild Teal of Fortune: The Umpteenth Comp?

Well, some how I ended up with both. Not sure how. 

There is something rather amazing about Zoya Charla. It's a grand dame of classic polishes.
Teal of Fortune is more like a kibitzer, an understudy, a poor relation, in comparison.

Left to right:
Zoya Charla
WetnWild Teal of Fortune
Zoya Charla
WetnWild Teal of Fortune

Charla: Teal blue with a smack-daddy load of glass fleck that is about as good as it gets.

Teal of Fortune has a much more aqua base and has silvery fleck that is buried. There may be gold in the mix, but the formula won't really enable its release. Drag.

Each is a three coat application. Zoya was easier to use, quicker to dry and nicer to wear.

Perhaps it's my bottle, but ToF is a vastly more dull polish by comparison. Normally I embrace drugstore options, but this is really a let down.

I did take a portion of Teal of Fortune and mix it in with some Spectraflair. I was going to swatch it, but I used the base I used, SinfulColors Mint Apple, was its usual strange combo of globby, lumpy AND sheer. By the time I was ready to take a photo it began to take on terrible texture. Ugh.
Soon on that one.
Spectraflair'ing late in the game, but it sure is fun.

So, Teal of Fortune has a fun potential in frankenland.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.