Sunday, May 12, 2013

Obscure Dupes

I'm in a blue frame of mind, colorwise. There are several coming up peppered with some other colors.

I also want to note that I'll be on vacation camping and am setting up the "schedule" posting feature in Blogger so I can keep up the momentum while I'm gone. My iPhone will erase a page if I try to edit it (sad face) and so I will try to respond only to comments but won't be editing stuff.


Pulled out a WetnWild called Sapphire Blue (no longer appearing on the WnW website) and compared it with a Lina Gale (by Markwin) polish I'd gotten in a holiday pack at Ross.

Oddly familiar!

WetnWild is pretty good at rebottling polishes and looking around with that "who me?" face.

Here is a three coat shimmerfest:

Bright sapphire blue, beautiful shimmer, easy formula, and identical.
Left to right:

  • Lina Gale No Name
  • WnW Sapphire Blue
  • Lina Gale No Name
  • WnW Sapphire Blue

So nice. My only complaint would be that these are long gone (eBay for WnW) and really should be stand-bys in people's collections, these are a little bit on the warm, maritime side of navy compared to things like CC Hippy Trippie.

Little fail, much win.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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