Thursday, May 16, 2013

Golden Veil

I found that I'd not swatched Sally Hansen Zippy Frost, so did it up fast:

Why Sally calls it a frost and not a chrome is beyond me, or at least a metallic. Quick an dirty, doing what this finish does best: showing ridges and every random dust flotsam that lands on my nail.

It's three coats, could easily be two. The color really isn't me, in fact it's a bronze with a pink cast. The very unmixed bottle has a clear layer of deep pink that holds more fascination to me than the final product. Ah well!

I thought it was dense enough to try stamping, so I put on a couple of coats of SinfulColors Unicorn and stamped with Zippy Frost.

SinfulColors Unicorn is an easy formula for a pastel. Took a bit of tweaking, some clean up, but all in all, I love the soft yellow. 

I'm not a super practiced stamper,  I am also not a perfectionist, so I left the drag effect, which kind of is a let down as I edited and post the photos.
I can't recall which plate this is, either. I think it's a Bundle Monster. 

I like the effect, though I feel I need to just jump in and practice, practice, practice.

Practice makes perfect. (Well, perfect practice makes perfect, according to a teacher from long ago).

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Oooh yellow and metallic. Good combination. I'm not perfect either. Hehe

    1. I just read on MUA that some topcoats smear already-dry stampings.
      It's always just another thing to strive for with stamping. LOL!

  2. I am half convinced that there was a time when Sally Hansen randomly assigned either creme or frost to every polish. I've got some old cremes from them that are really shimmers. I checked my spreadsheet--apparently I've got this frost that's really a chrome, too. :)

    1. I completely agree. I have many a shimmer that is a frost, many a creme that is a shimmer. I wonder if this is a holdover to some trend I am not aware of.

      I'v seen Misa call some shimmers frosts, too.

      I admit frost and perle finishes are not my strong suite, in taste or differentiation!


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