Saturday, April 20, 2013

Retro Red by Maybelline

Not sure why everyone equates mauve, soft rose, pastel corals, and shimmery soft frosty pinks with "grandmas" but that's how our culture seems to operate: mental shortcuts. These are dull, to say the least.

The 40's were not all black and white and these are the shades that populated many of the fingers of the best ladies hands: RED!

Three coat crelly, LE found @ Dollar Tree

My absolutely fave movie "The Women" vaunted "Jungle Red" as not just a color, but a code phrase and a battle cry.


Later decades coolthsayers put those nude-y shades out front as de rigueur - the 70's come to mind - and I imagine culture poked at bright red as dated.

Fortunately we live in days where right-minded folk see all colors on all sorts of people as what it is: people enjoying nail polish.

What it is.

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