Monday, April 8, 2013

Green Bombshell?

Here is a remnant of a green that I really have mixed feelings about.

SinfulColors Bombshell

I love the glitter colors: red, orange fuchsia, purple, green, aqua, gold and perhaps some silver knocking about. The base is a pale green, so pale that you can barely call it green until you've hit 4-5 coats, like I did.

Yes, many a coat was necessary to achieve this, so it's really more of a top coat.

The base, though, is a mystery. Like the "glamour" or "luster" bases that you see indie polish makers use, it imparts a glassy translucent sheen. Like a transparent metallic. It's a translucent glass fleck that fills up the bulk of the bottle. This definitely has a green tint, but impossible to achieve the bottle color, you end up with a celery shade instead.

I want to like it a lot, I only wish that it had more actual glitter inside of it! Or they used larger glitter. More would have been enough!

In fact, it's a bit of a mirage: the bottle makes it look like it's going to be a glitter bomb. No such love.

Great for layering, not so good on its own, unless you like a more bare look.

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  1. I liked this in the bottle and it remains in my untrieds.I will be layering this one then rather than use so many coats.


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