Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shake Your Shamrock, So Says Glitzology!

The topic is green, the finish is glitter. Two great polishes get together and have a party!

Glitzology Shake Your Shamrock over L.A. Girl Metallic Olive

My gigantic thumb is an optical illusion, I'm not Sissy Hankshaw

Hard to fault this baby.  I love this shade so much! It's got the gold larger hex glitters, some real bright green and splashes of smaller glitter in a shimmery base. The bright green is like little shards, but also some are round, there are small green and gold glitters and it's a kick to look at.
Like little leprechauns dancing around their gold coins.

This is two coats applied with a flat brush. Easy to use, no battles at all. 
I got a lot of complements on this baby!

The base is a stellar green, too:

A shimmer packed with a similar combination of true green and gold, yielding a delicious olive.
They call it metallic, OK, sure! No arguments here!

Shake Your Shamrock is on Etsy, at Glitzology Beauty. 
The "metal" series is easily found at L.A. Girl, and a few other etailers. Try Beautyjoint, cherry culture and discount cosmetic outlet (the latter may be the cheapest, I love that place!)

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. That LA Girl is gorgeous! I haven't seen that one anywhere--must hunt.

    1. I agree! It's a complex shimmer and really is a beaut!


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