Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elianto Racing Green

Here is a polish that should have a legend around it, but it's just a humble polish based out of Malaysia. They really are some nice polishes.
I found mine through a fabulous swapper, I also found another at a blog sale.
More, I say!

Here's Racing Green:

Such a WOW polish!

It's packed with fleck shimmer and in a base that reminds me of emeralds.

Very complex, very beautiful!

This is three coats, I think one coat could be great as a layering topcoat, too.

I really adore this one, it's sheer, but it builds great.

It smells somewhat like a mild version of Kleancolor, but completely tolerable!

I have a pack of greens to get in over the next few days! Sorry for the delay!! My laptop is grinding to a halt. Ugh!

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