Friday, March 29, 2013

Cirqe Hellebore

The growing trend toward indie polish has been fun to watch. I feel like in a way anyone who has been into nail polish over the last few years in general has seen huge changes. From home grown mixers, frankeners and glitter geniuses, to small etailer/etsy presence, to major player brands co-opting trends, it's been fun, interesting, and at times confounding (missing a launch, losing an auction, well, you get it!). So many ideas coming from the indies, it's easy to immerse oneself into the deep end of it all.

If you don't have Gotham Polish blog on your reading list, add it now, please. She's among my faves and introduced me to the indie brand Cirque.

I only have three, but am eyeing more. Indies aren't mass produced so price points are higher - which makes me appreciate how much OPI must spend on promotion.

Cirque is one of those indies that it's not hard to fall in love with!

Here is Cirque Hellebore

Three coats, top coat, my bare nails and a clear base coat below.

First, the color: FABULOUS!
Pale cool green in a variety of small to tiny sizes, accented with a pale mirror lilac glitter.
The effect is subtle. the green, though, is the real star, not yellow, not sea foam, but fresh budding grass stem green.

I used my older pink camera and you can see it reflecting in the mirror glitter.

This polish, without a top coat could be worn like a sand finish, it is a topcoat eater, for sure.

Enlarge this photo to see the purple glitter a bit better. Subtle, fresh.

I must have put about 3-4 top coat applications, but I wore it for 5 solid days and it showed no sign of even tip wear, amazing.

Last thing: the scent of the polish is nice. I believe it is something in the solvents, but as it evaporates it has this herb-y, floral scent. nice change of pace. Such a fresh, springtime scent.

Hellebore is still available at

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