Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reblog: Essie Wild Thing Jelly Sandwich

I recently blogged Essie wild thing here.

I think I gave it a bit of a short shrift. Yes, it's less of a berry color when you put it on the nail, but it does have a gorgeous jelly base and I wanted to see how it layered.

I paired it with Revlon Belle:

Here's the result:

Excuse the lack of cleanup!

I will say that there are a lot of layers, but I am guessing that the more coats that are present, the more it appears to look like the bottle color.

So, what is here? Three coats of Essie Wild Thing, two coats of Revlon Bell, then two more coats of Wild Thing.

It was thick, but not bad as far as wear, in fact it was pretty strong!

Yes, it takes a lot to get the bottle color, density of a jelly being what it is, but it's a pretty combo and gives Wild Thing some legs as a layering polish.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!