Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Purple Swatches

I have a lot of purple and blue that I have been neglecting, it's time to get going!

Random drawer grabs, many have been in my collection for a long time, just needed to be blogged/swatched.

All are without top coat.
All are three coats.

Ulta - Blue Crush

I call this a purple, but they call it a blue, who's to quibble? It's an eggplant base loaded with red and blue shimmer.
Easy to use, reminds me of Color Club Electronica with it's bold shimmers.
I think I picked this up through a blog sale, I am not close to an Ulta and rarely shop there, at least that's what I think, it's been a while since I got it.
I love the vivid blue and red shimmer, it's pretty nice.

Kleancolor - Purple Velvet

 Shimmer plummy purple. 
My photo is a bit more blue leaning than the real polish. Kind of a frustration, but since I have to tweak most purple photos, I feel like this isn't a great representation of this polish. You can see the blue shimmer popping through, but it's really more purple. Le sigh!

Kleancolor is an affordable brand, I see it all over eBay, where I purchased it. 
It does, however, have an ingredient that is horrible: sour and acrid. Without a doubt an intolerable smell that completely ruins the brand for me. 

Revlon - No Shrinking Violet

In the past I have to admit that Revlon shimmers were a complete fail for me. This one, however, was fabulous! I touched it lightly to check if it was dry and it was completely dry! Wow!
This is no longer available, as far as I can tell on the Revlon web site. I picked mine up in a Ross pack, so I am figuring it must be a goner. It's all over eBay.
This is a pretty color accurate.
It's a bit muddier on the nail than in the bottle. Kind of an neutral shimmer in the purple family.

Great formula, though I will admit I'm less than impressed with the color.

Maybelline - Purple Rage

Old Maybelline Express Finish gold cap.
A purple base and a cool shimmer that tends toward blurple. So cool that it looks like gray in my lighting.
During the day it emerges a tad bit more blue leaning.
Tight formula, these Maybelline Express Finishes are pretty good in that regard.

I would admit that I would call the last three almost a frosty finish.
None of the four are really exciting for me, either. 

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