Friday, October 19, 2012

Jelly Layering

I've been touting SinfulColors Last Chance as a comer for frankening a green jelly, and I thought I better pop a layering manicure up to show how nice it pans out.

Sinful Colors Last Chance in about 3/4 bottle of clear.

In between is Revlon Sheer Twinkle, a limited edition I found at Ross. I believe there are similar glass fleck polishes about, a white would work, thought the Revlon is a bit of a champagne, it's not really much of a difference as long as it's got pop to get through the dark jelly.

Two coats of SC top and bottom, two coats of the Revlon.

Here's another photo that got a bit blown out, but it shows the glitter a bit better:

Love how it looks like a candy shell.


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