Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Color Club Alter Ego Part 4 of 4

Thanks for sticking around!

Alter Ego, Part 4!

Three coats, no top coats and of course my rollicking commentary!

Let's hit it!


The most underrated polish I've seen in a while. Deep grape base with a color shifting glass fleck particle that runs from a magenta into a green spectrum. It does, however not show more than amber on most nails.

Here's the best I could grab under my lamps:

So, it is safe to say that it shifts into the pink/amber range.

The bottle, however, is another story:


Easy polish to use, wear and work with. While the overall feeling is that this is such a mishmash collection, when it gets down into the realm of these fleck polishes, it's pretty nice.

Ulterior Motive

A distinctive polish. Rich red berry pink jelly for a base and dosed to the eyeballs with a blue and hot pink glass fleck that you can see meandering about in the bottle. It also shows up in that same sort of glittery array on the nail.
I imagine that this easily can do double duty over a creme to give a mani legs. File under reblog. Double duty! Welcome to my fold!

Total Mystery

Bright cobalt blue with the same pink/blue fleck as Ulterior Motive.
Cripes this is amazing. First coat is sheer, due to the blue jelly base, so, again, it could do a job as a layering top coat.
Alone however, it pops and that's a complete joy.

Here is a photo where you can see the pink fleck a bit better:

To me this is a real "double life" collection. On one hand you have the "office ok" themed pastels, then you dip into the feisty party shades.
Of the whole set, I"m drawn to the "party shades", but there are a couple of pastels that hold their own.

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