Saturday, October 13, 2012

Color Club Alter Ego Part 3 of 4

Forgive the delay! Went out on a road trip and found that it was too cumbersome to try to blog.

More Color Club!

All are three coats, all are without a topcoat and all are under lamp lighting.


A smokey emerald green that touches down into chrome territory, but is really more of a frosty metallic.
Though this is three coats, it was a quick one/two coats and your done.

It has that chrome-y feel, but ends up looking like a brushstroke-y frost. I think it would be a contender for stamping: finely milled particles, good coverage, pretty green color.

Secret Agent

Beautiful purple shimmer. Warm enough to know it's purple, but truly purple and nothing like a blurple at all.
A little bit brushstroke prone, but after it dries, not so bad. Not as metallic as Masquerading, but not that new trend of larger particle shimmer/fleck that is currently all around.

Easy to use and easy to wear!

Alter Ego

The namesake of the Alter Ego collection.
Love it so much!
First coat is a nearly translucent gilded shimmer, with a hint of purple. By the third coat you've got that foil finish that reminds me of Mr. Wrong and some other of that family of purple/gold fleck mixed together.

I did wear this manicure to work and wore it for a whole day. It was the chippiest thing in the world!!! I felt embarrassed as I had to go through the day with my hands looking terrible. Ugh.
I am hoping it was merely my base coat (an old Sally Hansen Salon top/base coat combo), so I will try this one again.

Unfortunately this isn't a comparison edition, I feel that this one has a relative somewhere!

Also, as it goes on so thin for the first coat, it would work very well as a layering top coat over a purple, black, navy, or other vampy shade. When I first laid it down I was unconvinced I'd get the coverage I eventually got.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!

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