Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Undercover Jelly

Oh Dollar Tree, Oh Dollar Tree,
Your shelves were really bulging!

Oh Dollar Tree, Oh Dollar Tree,
Your shelves are so now bare now.

You had everything in my dreams
Prisms, Opals, Chromes and things!
Oh Dollar Tree, Oh Dollar Tree,
I miss your inventory!

Sigh. Not sure were that came from!

Sultry Fuchsia. From the Halcyon days of Dollar Tree'ing that yielded unknown treasures that I probably ignored, some I bought and some I cherish. Now it's all L.A. Colors and other oddball Polish Collector Smackdown.

Sally Hansen old Salon square bottle. Why the change? The post modern rectangle is still iconic!

This is such an odd thing. A jelly - in all it's luminosity - with a scant glass fleck.

Almost like an accident.

To the pix.
A little blown out, oops!

There is a faint fleck in my middle finger and right finger, but you can see from the bottle that it is so sparse in the bottle it doesn't really create a presence on the nail. Photos do enlarge.

Love this jelly, but it's about four coats. I have to say that this is pretty much ahead of the current passion for jelly finishes! Long gone from any drug store! Probably ignored, too.

Highly recommend!

There is the fugitive fleck, that does very little but offer tempting tastiness to they eyes!

In the realm of jelly, photography-wise, direct light can be a bear. Sometimes widely diffused light shows the glowing quality of a jelly, otherwise it can look flat like a creme. Not a success photo-wise.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. My heart seriously skipped a beat when I saw this out in the preview area. OMG it's so squishy - I totally think it was a success. It's a shame about the flecks though. Also your poem was awesome and totally made me smile and laugh.

  2. Lol at your poem/song at the beginning. Yup, I remember when DT was bulging at the seams with nail polish! This color is gorgeous, and even more awesome is the close-up that shows the goodies in it. I'd be tempted to franken it with a clear polish that has more of those little shimmer flecks in it....


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