Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gardens of Gray

Until I saw the documentary, Gray Gardens, by the Maysles brothers, David and Albert, I had no idea that Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis had such interesting cousins.

Here is a link to the website for the documentary.

Edie Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie Bouvier Beale as portrayed in the documentary named after their home in East Hampton, NY, are an arresting portrayal of a pair of women. It's not just an era, or a class, or even a bit of shocking decay, but a struggle between mother and daughter.

I suggest viewing this little movie, though it is somewhat dated, on film stock and done in a pretty traditional manner, the insights into the lives of "Big" Edie and "Little Edie" strike a chord that truly rises above their mannered speech and affectations.

Though Drew Barrymore did an astounding job in her movie version of this snippet of their lives, I feel that there is no way to understand these women without listening to their own words.

Not that this is entirely a movie review, no. In fact the estate has been witty enough to market the name and come out with a jewelry line to boot.

Sally Hansen has also come out with a polish.

What? Yes.

The label has a little trademark symbol on it, too.

No photo of the cap, but instead a soft, muted gray/purple.
I feel like it's the shade of sadly worn flowers on a wallpaper that is from the 1940's.

Three coats, the usual "Sally, why dry so slow!?!" formula, but all in all it wore so nicely.

I did no comparisons, just popped it on and called it good. I feel the bubbles are from my topcoat, need to thin it.

The Edies always leave me a little sad, but even though their legacy is that as eccentric cat ladies unable to find purchase in a modern world where women relied on family money or men to support them.

The demur/melancholy purple of this polish says as much about the house, their lives, as it does for the lonely lives these women lived.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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