Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trekker Homage

Yes, Misa did it and did it well.

I don't have a collection to show you, but I love Misa's Surreal Escape from winter 2011. I have most of them and as I write this I plan on buying the ones that I don't have.

Misa, like Milani, is another underrated brand.

This one, Phasers on Stunning dings three important bells in my "happy nail polish place"

First the pix, then the bells:

Here we have three coats and you can see that it is similar to OPI's Not Like the Movies, but in a green version. That same metallic duochrome, but instead of purple and green, this is a soft grassy green to an amber/coral combo. Still has that metallic skin feel and a pop of glitter hither and thither.

What are the bell ringers?
Well the formula for a start. Wow, nice! I love it! Though this is a bit sheer requiring three coats, it really isn't problematic.
Next is the duochrome, who doesn't love it? It pops and I don't have to contort to see it.
Finally the name. Phasers on Stunning!! Are you kidding??? I was the kid who grew up on Star Trek re-runs and could name the episode on the first 30 second opening bit! Never been to a convention and I grew out of it after a while, but I still hold a fond memory of watching that show and all the corn that it could dish up. Who doesn't love a fun cultural reference?

Otherwise, I threw it over black to see how it shook out:

Although it is sheer, this, at one coat, really does pop some of that delicious green that I love so well.

You can see the scant glitter, but the green is more pronounced against the dark, which I love.

Much love here!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I have this one and love it, for all the reasons you mentioned :) Misa really deserves more love as a brand!

  2. Love this one! I agree, Misa is such an underrated brand, it is one of my favorites. The formulas are consistently good and the colors are always great. Personally, I have only ever seen it available online so perhaps that's why it's relatively unknown.

  3. Good point! I think that if it were in more salons it would be more out there.

    Even the bottle design - weighted more heavily on the bottom - seems to be more thought is put into practical use than hyped up collections.


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