Thursday, March 29, 2012

A couple of Mints

I wanted to do a huge mint comparison, but for some reason I never got it together because I had so many other greens I wanted to do!

Here are a couple!

Diamond Cosmetics Sea Spray

Three coats, a gorgeous light green shot through with golden shimmer.

The base is more of a frosty shimmer than a creme, giving a frothy/foamy feel. Ever been on the beach on a really windy day and the foam blows up along the beach? It reminds me of it!

As you can see the gold shimmer is very pronounced, which is always a win!

A combo, here, e.l.f. Mint Cream topped with Barielle's Buddha-ful

Mint Cream was a little bit dicey at first, but in the end worked out. I have many, many, many mints, so this isn't high on my "favored children" list.
Barielle's Buddha-ful is a milky based minty flake. It shifts a little bit lavender pink, which is ever-so-precious, I love it so much!!

One coat here did the job!

I will say that of all the flakies I own, this one did a weird thing, it actually made dents in the polish creating a few divets where a smooth surface was what I expected after two top coats.

Even after I redid this manicure with another mint - Essie, I believe - it did the same thing. Odd. I may need a thicker top coat, though my quick dry is pretty thick. Oddness.

Here are the bottles!

As you can see here the e.l.f. looks a bit more turquoise, but it's not quite so brightly pigmented or as blue in real life.

If you are into flakies, Buddha-ful is a nice one.

Also Diamond Cosmetics is always an affordable way to get a lot of neat colors. I am not affiliated in any way, but I always seem to like what I see when I put on their polish.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!

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