Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little Late, but, SinfulColors Holiday 2011

How is that for timely?
Not so much.

I will admit I only got these around the middle of December, these swatches are from about the 22nd of December. I finally found my way around to editing them. Yoiks!

The upside: first, the formulas were fantastic and these are not limited edition colors.


SinfulColors sent me these, very kindly, and patiently I might add, so it's high time I got them blogged.

Right, let's do it!

This is a set of 5 polishes and two nail art polishes.

First the polishes:

Midnight Blue

Two coats, great coverage and a beautiful royal blue shimmer. You can see a little bit of the brushstrokes, but it's as nice as the Color Club I blogged about here. Dried well, and I found that it was pretty easy to control, too, which on my small fingers, really is something I've grown to love.

Sugar Sugar

Another two coater! Red shimmer that has an orange glassy particle floating around, perhaps a mini flake kind of the size of the pieces in say, SH DVD. Orange pops here and there, warming up and making look a bit like a flame. Unfortunately my camera wasn't up to the challenge. It is a neutral red, but the orange flash warms it up a bit. I need to delve into red a bit more.

Last Chance

One thing I will say is that over the few years I've been into nail polish, I've noticed a strong affinity for a great dark green. There was the ever-coveted Nars Zulu. Now Nars Illamasqua Rampage has become highly sought, there was New York Summer's Amaranth as a franken base for Zulu, the famed Chelsea Psycho Green, etc. I think that this is an amazing green: not too dark, not too yellow and certainly not too milky. I can't say for sure, but based on this formula, it would be a great franken for a jelly version of this polish, it's very beautifully pigmented.
Forgot to say: two coats, easy to use, great formula. I love this one a lot.

Daddy's Girl

If you only ever buy one SinfulColor's polish - aside from the green above for green lovers - you probably need Daddy's Girl. Yes it's sheer, it's a jelly. I think I have three possibly four coats. No worries, put it over a purple, navy, medium blue, etc, and you have yourself a winner. What is neat isn't the jelly so much, but the combination of jelly and PINK glassy gorgeous pieces! Yay! I think I have two bottles. What isn't to love here? I can't think of many companies that have this combination of colors, very awesome!

Out of this World

I blogged about this polish here, so I don't have a whole lot more to add. This is three coats and it is so luminous.
Of course it does double duty as a layering topcoat over the other polishes:

A little on the "too dense side" for the darker colors, but over a light color, I think it's a rock star. I have a billion layering top coats, a whole Melmer drawer of this finish alone. A lot. Perhaps too many, different blog post for a different day.

OK, polishes done, now on to the nail art.

First off I will warn you, I suck at nail art. I admire and ogle nail blogs where the bloggers - Another Bottle of Polish's blog immediately comes to mind as does Canadian Nail Fanatic - who can do it, I just have got nothing approaching that you are about to see.

Flower Girl

A warm brassy gold that is a small glassy particle, that really is foily and not translucent. Very pretty.

I did some stars and I filled in part of one nail, then used my clean up brush to draw a flower in the Midnight Blue.
Flower Girl has a long supple brush designed for nail art, unfortunately, I am not an adept, as you can see.
I do love the foil finish, though.
There is some other sort of solvent in the bottle that has a strong acetic acid kind of smell, so wretched that I have not opened the nail art again.


A platinum/silver glitter that is a bit large and therefore somewhat difficult to apply with the brush. You can see the areas where I tried to make three or four lines on my right two fingers, but there is some definition where there is thickness in the formula. I really didn't have much luck.
The left finger I tried to cover my whole finger using the brush included, but it's very supple and that was difficult.
Same issues with the odor, so I really wasn't very into either of these,  though the size of my nail bed could also be an issue.

I recommend the polishes for sure, but I wasn't particularly happy with the formula of the art polishes on the basis of smell alone, otherwise they dried nicely, despite my Neanderthal attempt at art.

All right! Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

ps These were sent to me for review, I didn't purchase them, but I have purchased my own bottles of Last Chance and Daddy's Girl and Out of this World, I think I had Sugar Sugar in my paw one day and passed because I am still getting my head around red! ;D


  1. Hello, just came across your blog, love your swatches! I also love the combination of blue & gold in your nail art! So pretty!

  2. Hey thanks!!!
    You are very kind!
    My nail "art" is pretty prehistoric!


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