Friday, February 10, 2012

Legendary China Glaze? Grape Crush

Well, it isn't very often I get into the heady realm of HTF and VHTF without some blood, sweat and tears involving price, machinations and near misses.

I do, though, have my good days.

I have mentioned a salon near the Dollar Tree I occasionally check into when I'm out that way, it's one of those nail salons run by people who think their lungs are optional equipment and running exhaust fans are a waste of time, but they did have a pile of polish to browse through.

In that batch was this little pup:

I kind of choked with glee when I found it!

A purely perfect grape shimmer with holo pieces floating about hither and thither.
This is three coats shown without a topcoat - yes there is a bit of texture and it's a little dull in the finish.

There is the holo pop in lower light.

While I think this is a pretty fabulous polish, I feel it is eminently frankenable. If frankenable was a word.

This is a before 3-free polish, aka stanktastic, but it dried well and wore pretty decently, though I wouldn't call it above average.

I paid $7 for a bottle of it, and will add that I certainly should have thrown on a top coat to show it in all its glory. Perhaps I am subconsciously bringing this HTF down to earth so people will appreciate the obscure polishes that I love and seem to get ignored.

Yeah, silly, and probably ridiculous.

It's lovely, it's old formula and fairly dupable, and probaly there are a couple of loosely configured dupes (a WnW and a Sation or a similar brand come to mind)


  1. Hello, great swatch. Is this a scented polish? I've hear that it's scented to smell like grape crush soda. Just wondering.

  2. Oh, it had a smell alright!
    Grape was not in the bouquet at all.
    I think it was toluene, etc, and it was nasty.


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