Wednesday, February 8, 2012

City Colors....Duochrome...$2.99? Whut Up???

City Colors.

I know little about them. I do see them periodically in my Rite Aid and they are generally pretty inexpensive. Normally I look at them, then ratchet through a list of colors that I probably have that are similar to the color I see on the shelf, so I tend to pass on them.

But, this one grabbed my attention!

It's an interesting thing in the bottle:

Square bottles rock!

It has the glassy particle thing going on, but it also looks like there is silver in it, too.

I loved the aqua/purple/blue shift and thought, this I must own.

I love it a lot. It's no dupe of any sort of highly coveted "starry" polish that we all know and love and can dupe, but a pretty duochrome with some silver thrown into the bag.

No, that's not a mirror, it's just two photos that were so similar I flipped one 180 and then horizontally and patched it onto the top one.

Indeed, I can honestly say it's a nice polish. Two coats, easy dry time and really easy to wear. I like how the highlight looks aqua rather than white, so it's pretty easy to get the duochrome out of it, too.

I believe this was a holiday color, which may have been pulled from the shelf, this is a brand with a sporatic presence at my Rite Aid, so it's hard to say if it's going to be out there when you go to look for it.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. That looks really good and the price also!!!

  2. Thank you!!

    I know, the price is nice for the quality!

  3. I think I might have bought this one--will have to keep an eye out in my untrieds. :) I can't figure out this brand--every season seems to bring a different size and shape of bottle.

  4. Yeah, it's kind of crazy. Also their prices are up and down, they had a holiday thing for $3.99, and diff bottles.

    No basic line though...odd!


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