Monday, October 17, 2011

Send Me An Angel, Right Now

I usually don't grab Nicole by OPI, either in the store or on eBay.

On eBay they all seem to assume majickal properties and cost an arm and a leg, and a wig, too. The one's in the store seem like they are OK, but not altogether what I am looking for, perhaps because the only display I ever see is a limited few at Shopko and Walmart.

I did pick up You're An Angel, mainly because I have nothing really like it.

I wore it about three times before I got the light outdoors to really capture the shimmer/glassy glitter on this one. Indoors it's a soft coral leaning pink, although under the lamps one would think it would work, but every photo I tried to take, it suddenly turned into freshly degloved flesh: pale pink and in need of some veterinary care (sorry, when you've seen a number of injuries over the many years in horses - an animal that seems to have a death wish - that color is instantly recognizable). So, to put it bluntly: my camera skills were not such that I could bring out the wonderful rich color that the sunshine can.

Let's look at the results in the sun!


Let's go in a little closer...

Closer still...

Macro Moment...

Three coats of such a gorgeous color. Pink, with golden glassy pieces and pink pieces in a pink jelly base.

A little sheer, but for me that is never too much of a worry unless you can see my yellow nails below. Not yellow? No problem!

I love this brand and don't mind the bottles. They remind me of horse's hooves

Photo of my horse as a youngster...see his hooves suspended above ground? I wonder if Nicole was a rider?

Personally, I love this polish. Perhaps I need to look into this brand a little more! Wish when it hit eBay it didn't suddenly become soooo expensive!! Walmart never carries limited editions and Shopko seems only to carry them occasionally and mixes them into the regular stock. I've seen them randomly at Walgreens. Completely randomly! So random that I was surprised to see them!

OK, enough of the Shopping Sagas, if you like warm pink with zazzle, grab this. I will say that I need to compare it to some other gold pinks I have, this one is a show-stopper in the sunshine.

Thanks for reading my equine oriented nail journal!

p.s. Here is Albert now, after a ride, hanging out in the indoor arena:

He's kind of a big boy. hehe. For the horse people, 16.2 and about 1200 pounds. A real character, too.


  1. awesome pink. hmm yeah i never see these at the store either. argh those ebay people. i'm not sure i'd pay and arm/leg for it. but it's pretty cute!

  2. Yeah, ebay is crazy at times. Sometimes it can be great.
    Nicoles always seem to be expensive. So weird!

  3. What a beautiful color! It does seem strange that Nicoles would go for so much on eBay but, then again, there are always people looking to make a quick buck.

  4. This is true!
    We polish crazy peeps feel the pain!

  5. Omg, aw, you showed your horse! I've been wondering what he looked like. :B He looks so majestic! Now I want a horse. What am I talking about. I can't afford a horse. o_o Anyway, I don't think they keep a huge supply of NOPI. I've only ever seen them at Target. I doubt there's a huge turnover anywhere they're sold because of the price, the bottle shape doesn't help either. Sad little stagnating line.

  6. Hi PGP!
    For some reason my blog comment thingy made your post spam! I apologize!
    Albert isn't really magestic, he's kind of a goof ball.
    I agree NOPI seems to be a small line but with intriguing colors at times.

  7. :o I wonder if it's because I previewed. I had to reload the page a few before it would accept. That'll teach me to check my html!

    NOPI would tempt me more if they were easier to find. Htf LEs plus the high price means I won't bite.

    And Albert is a horse! He was born majestic! Darnit, I want a horse. :P

  8. ;)
    I agree Nopi's are too hard to find!
    You are a sweety!


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