Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: Part I

Hey everyone!

Last year was so busy that I didn't get a chance to do proper Halloween posts, so I thought I'd dedicate the rest of the month to some Halloween-y polishes!

Here are some orange glitters. New and old, loved and well, cherished is the only word for it!

First up, China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y. This was the 2010 release for Halloween by China Glaze.

It is an orange glitter, uniform in size, that normal medium size, in a dark green jelly base. Almost black, but really not.

This is three coats, but you know, now that I think back, it could be two. China Glaze is generous and the glitter packs on.
As you can see without a top coat, it is pretty much a "texture-fest", so alternating from left to right: top coat, none, top coat, none.

Here is a closer shot:

So you can see the round glitter and the green base. I like this polish, although I will admit the base is neither fish nor fowl. It's green-ish, but that green kind of is diluted so you see it, but it's not striking like the black is in Fortune Teller.
I like that there is a lot of glitter and that it packs on well, and even the texture goes with the territory. The glitter seems a little bit dimmed because of the green, and I'm not sure if that's complementary colors of green and orange kind of working against the glitter, or just the glitter itself. With the topcoat you get some of the shine back.
Sort of like a murky fountain with new pennies in it. Hmm. Spooky. Maybe. Until a hand comes out and drags you in!!!

Up next, Sally Hansen's Pumpkin Spice:

Fresh off the fall 2011 Extreme Wear line up, this little orange glitter in a black jelly base showed up and immediately became the hot item. I think I saw it for $12 on ebay. Crazy!

It is a little dark in this photo, because it really is kind of a little bit too little, too late, for a try at Fortune Teller. I mean, can we budget for more glitter, Sally? Buy some of that hex glitter that has been hot for a while now, huh?

I think this is three or maybe four coats. The jelly base is a wee bit too light and the glitter is a wee bit too sparse.

It is reprieved when it is over black:

This is over a coat of WnW Black Creme, my one coat wonder here, maybe because I'm near the bottom of the bottle. If they stop selling this, there will be a run on it, for sure.

(as an aside, my current temp job has entailed the filthiest work environment I've ever worked in, and that includes being a working student at a barn caring for 6 horses, so my nails had to be filed, they've been splitting and my cuticles, well, ever a problem, when I moisturize, I have dirty hands. Man, hopefully I'll be out of here into something else soon. Excuse the ramble, but yoiks! I feel like all my cuticle work is out the window.)

I do recommend this as a layering polish. I think over blacks and other dark colors it works. On its own, kind of a let down. Honestly? Old Fortune Teller is on eBay for not an unstartling scalper price.

Last a polish I put over silver last year, Jack-O-Lantern, old Sally Hansen Hard as Nails:

An orange glitter in an orange jelly base. Here it is over Celeb City, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I think there is L'Oreal Mosaic, a water that is orange, but does very little. I love Jack-O-Lantern because it's orange in an orange base. So nice! I have only one bottle. Maybe I need to just wear it! :D
I'm looking for the long coveted Trick or Treat, but I am not sure if I will ever find it!

For some reason I thought I swatched Fortune Teller, but I realize that I haven't! Doh!
How embarrassing!!!

OK, those are some orange glitters, clearly there are many more cool ones out there. Right now I know L.A. Girl has a nice orange one and a silver one, so frankening your own Spellbound is not outside of the realm of possibility!
Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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