Thursday, October 27, 2011


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I showed how to remove the tube of polish from the application housing in a Nic's Sticks polish and decant it into a normal polish bottle.

Here is the final goal:



Here is Silver-ella in the new bottle:

The nice thing about the packaging of the holographic Nic's Sticks is that the labeling comes off and you can tape it to the bottle!
I used a 15mL old square Sally Hansen bottle, this held three Nic's Sticks. Since it's at 15mL bottle and each Nic's Sticks is 4mL, a fourth stick would have been a tight squeeze. An old Orly bottle would hold four with ease.
Here is the macro shot:

Nom, nom, nom!!

This is a more scattered holo, but does show some linear qualities.
In any case, very nice!

Three coats. I did three Nic's Sticks so there is some dilution through cleaning the tubes out with polish thinner, but it evaporates quickly, for one, and secondly, Nic's Sticks seem a little thinned out to begin with, this might be just trying to engineer the polish through the valve/applicator pipes.





Indoors under lamp:

Even under low light, it seems to have it's own light gathering qualities and turns on like a christmas tree in a dimmed room.

I mean, can you imagine having a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall done in this? In some light it's a patina of metallic shimmer, in others it's got this cool rainbow effect that is pretty neat!

Wear-wise, I did use my standard SH Teflon Tough formula as a basecoat, my topcoat was my mixed bag quick dry, but I did get some chipping about 24 hours after I put it on, which was a bummer, because I really love this polish!

I managed to round up some Rainbow's End, a gold holographic Nic's Stick, and will decant it into a bigger bottle, too.

Hope you enjoyed!
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