Monday, August 15, 2011

Unlabeled Sally Hansen Finally Gets Its Day

I've used this polish as a layering type of thing, but I felt it was time to give it a chance on its own.

It is an odd thing, sheer and yet a bit opaque, not quite "middling". Sometimes you can see the aqua sparkle and sometimes you can't.

I was out and about when I swatched this and had four of the Opals to swatch, but forgot my black, which is completely important to even trying to swatch those!!

So I gave this one a go.

See the cool cap?

Four coats and still it is sheer.

Here the aqua shimmer popped.

The more I wear this the more I think it's suitable for the office, but has a bit of sparkle to jazz things up.

In the shade the frost comes through loud and clear.

In truth, I probably keep this bottle around because of one thing: matching cap action! They have this pale lavender mauve cap with a speckled shimmer! Greatness!

The formula was a bit tetchy, nothing new there. Unfortunately the entire back label was removed before it even was packaged for the Dollar Tree, so it is a complete mystery what it may have been called. I wonder if "frost" was in the title? hmmmm! ;D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. This looks like the poor man's Bacterium. Hm, I never thought I'd write that as a sentence. And this was probably "Something Something Creme" just to mess with everyone's head haha.

  2. LOL!! Poor Man's Bacterium...hilarious!!!

    Though I kind of want it....sad!

    You are right probably "creme" because they were crazy at names!


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