Friday, August 12, 2011

Forget-Me-Not by Essence

If you like periwinkle, then you will adore Essence Forget-Me-Not

A creme with a secret shimmer. How about that, eh?

Two coats, easy formula. In fact, I kind of regret not getting the mint green one, so nice was the application.

Here is the bottle so you can see the simmer a bit better:

A bright blue emerges, and it's just dandy!

Here is a sun shade comp:

So nice! $1.99 a bottle and a smaller mL amount, but quality is excellent for the price.

And you know, this polish is magical: Every photo I took was a nice one! Wow! :D

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. This is a gorgeous polish! It looks great on you :D

  2. Thank you so much!!!

    Great formula, too!

  3. An ULTA finally opened near me (25 miles away, near is a relative term when you live in the woods of NH. lol) and I was so excited to get some Essence nail polishes. When I got there it was completely picked over, all that was left was a yellow and one lonely blue. I got the blue, Underwater, which was great in the bottle but disappointing on my fingers. It's a dark greyed out blue, like a darker version of Sally Hansen's Grey by Grey, with bright blue glitters. Unfortunately you can't see the glitters on your fingers. It's a dark greyed out blue creme, which isn't horrible, but disappointing since I wanted to see the glitters. The formula was great though, even though the short stem on the brush makes it a little hard to steer around your nails.

    I'm also disappointed that they had none of the trend editions, like what you got here, but it could be because they are so new and will eventually get some of them in.

    By the way, your nails and cuticles are looking good. You've been taking care of them! Mine are crap, your length is about what I want mine to be but they are longer and I'm feeling too lazy to file 'em down.

  4. Maybe try it over white? You never know.

    I hear you on the Ulta, mine is over 80 miles away, so I can only go in on occasion. My big score was Elle's Spells on sale for a couple of dollars, otherwise it's pretty much not a win. Of course I totally ignored Essence, why I don't know! Now I know! Doh!

    Thanks on the cuticles!! I really want people to enjoy looking at my nails, it's my achilles heel!


  5. Pretty! Secret shimmer make me weak at the knees haha.
    There's an Ulta 5 minutes from me but the Essence "section" isn't well stocked at all. Bugger.


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