Monday, August 1, 2011

OPI Stars in My Eyes versus Sinful Out of This World

The more I fine tune my top coats, aka "Layering Polishes" the more two things are revealed

1) I have a lot.

2) I am kind of obsessed because I am categorizing them by particle size and finish.

That part two thing could be a blog in itself, but suffice to say, it does help. For example: when grabbing a topcoat, I want a glitter and not a shimmer or a glassy particle it can help determine coverage. The "middling sheers" are still another territory that needs to be figured out. I think some will migrate out of top coats and back into the rest of the "population" and will either get undies or get going. Sheers. Unless they are jellies, I really don't have much love for them.

OK. As you can see I am prone to digression.

I have OPI's Stars in My Eyes and I also have Sinful's Out of This World. They are both silvery top coats with an alabaster feel.

When I put them on to compare them alone, it was a four or five coat affair and by the time I was done editing photos, I forgot which finger was which.

I feel like SIME is on the middle and pinkie finger and OOTW is on the index and ring. But. I could be wrong. This is how close they really are.

Plus, these kinds of colors are a nice "reset button" for the brain.

SIME is a gray/silver micro glitter and OOTW is one of those glassy translucent glitters, or particles.

The details can be better seen over other things. I put them over black and white, to make it a little easier.

You can see the difference immediately.

Much more silver-leaning and opaque particles. This yields more coverage, too. Less transformative of the polish it is over, but the glitter itself is the star. I guess you might call this a "micro" glitter. But, no one has given me the textbook on what is what, so, I am guessing!

There is also some, as you can see over the black, iridescence from Out of this World that isn't shown in the white. Here the white becomes a soft bone gray and the black could be a whole other polish. Particles are translucent, glassy, tinted silver/gray.

White and black comparisons ensued.

Over white, all is revealed: not dupes at all. SIME is a fine silver glitter with some white reflection and translucency. OOTW is a glassy particle that is silvery, but translucent.

Over black both are very exuberant! Different, but equally beautiful. I feel like the OPI has some early "glass particle" thing going on, but not the way the Sinful does, with it's pops of green and purple and other colors. Over black their differences are less obvious, though.

OOTW has been in use a lot, now I want to try SIME a bit more. I think it will be awesome with some silvers, golds, and other colors. I also think it might lend itself to frankening, although it's kind of a rare beast in my stable, as I received this as a gift from a very nice eBay seller when I bought a hard to find polish. I don't know much about it, except that it's probably not a youngster and since OPI tends to have limited runs, you can see why this pup may just remain a layering polish!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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