Thursday, July 21, 2011

Middling Sheer

Those middle of the road sheer polishes kind of drive me bonkers.

There, I said it.

I often want to love them because they are "Layering Polishes" but often I want to just wear them alone and I can not do that. They either need "lingerie" or many, many, many coats because of the stains on my nails.

The other side of the coin is that they don't seem to want to play well with black, but carry interference colors that bounce beautifully off of black yielding a blue or a purple or, well, lots of neat colors. Milkiness, frostiness, whatever it is, it comes between me and that thing I love: that pop and pow when I put it over black.

They can work over similar shades, but do they do that all the time? Sometimes I want to slap on a polish and not have to think about it's resume and how it needs to be worn. Sometimes you just want to pretend you are running out the door and hopping in your Aston Martin convertible and your polish is just zingy and easy peasy.


Fantasy over.

I've had L.A. Girl Sheer Ecstasy in my "Layering Polishes" drawer for a while. Untried, I popped it over black:

Oh. Wow! Purple!
Though it almost looks like I've sketched a watercolor onto my nails because of the pearly frosty base coming through.
Out of the layering drawer and into the "whites, off-whites, etc" category.

So, I've kind of wondered about wearing some white polish this summer, why not?

This is four coats.
The pink shimmer really is very subtle, but not invisible in this pearly polish.

Oh! Nice shimmer!

Very much a perle and the pink also looks a bit like there is a touch of purple flashing, too.

Still see my nail line, but not my stained nails underneath.

No Aston, but even though it is four coats, a tiny bit of bubbling I like this polish. Zingy? Well, maybe notsomuch.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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