Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comp-fest, Neon Style

I don't know. I seem to have the urge to do comps with some of my polishes.

These two have been swatched before, but I thought I'd see how they compare.

Poptastic's Warhol and Flower Power's Screamin' Fuchsia. Both are Color Club, cremes and both are really bright neon pinks that lean a bit into the red family.

Dupes? No, but close enough that depending on your preference, you could probably live without one or the other.

This is a little toned down to see the actual shade, the photo above shows the intense neon.

Warhol pulls a little cooler and more pink where Screamin' Fuchsia is more toward the red. In fact Screamin' Fuchsia is so much more red, it reminds me of those fish eggs used as bait (hmmm, think I said that before!)

Both apply easily and dry well. Very very close, though, and unless this is your signature color, one will as well as the other.

I love both, not surprising, but I like them for two reasons:
1) In some light SF looks very hot hot pink
2) In some light Warhol looks more Fuchsia than SF. Go figure.

Both have a top coat, too.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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