Friday, June 3, 2011


Zoya Zara

Zara, to wax on a bit, is a lovely dusky lavender shot through with rich burnished gold. It is very lovely and quite a stand out.
Three coats here that worked very well, dried easily and were pretty nice to sport for a few days.

I do have a soft spot for polishes with gold as their shimmer.

Thank you for reading my nail polish journal!


  1. OMG!! This polish has the same name as me. xD (No, not Zoya, Zara. My name is Zara xD) But seriously its beautiful! :D

  2. You must be awesome! It is an awesome polish!!

  3. me, awesome, no.. ^^ I have buy it.. But where from? Also I love your blog! :D

  4. I got mine through
    They have sales all the time, too.


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