Thursday, June 2, 2011

Revlon Jellies

Here are a pair of Revlon jellie reds.

These are both from sets found at Ross.

Here we go!

Revlon Blaze

Yes, you can say it: Hot Da** Mess.

This is what I get for trying to swatch out in my car in a parking lot because it's cold and I wanted some sunshine and was running errands.

This is three coats over a nude base, which I can't recall at this moment.

It is a gorgeous candy jelly. Bright and beautiful. The first coat looked really pink, but in the end it was a lot more red than I thought. In the bottle it seems very warmish.

Revlon Heart to Heart

A little deeper and a little cooler than Blaze.
Still very luminous with a candy finish.

The most crazy portion of this swatching experience was that just when I was about to paint my nails, or had just removed the polish, suddenly the sun would come out for a brief glorious moment. It was crazy making.
There is a phrase here in the Pacific Northwest about weather that was coined by a Seattle weather person "Partly Sunny" which is very unique when the sun comes out, but only in dribs and drabs. Truly it was at best only partly sunny.

Here are the bottles together

You can see that while they are similar, there is a difference.

Blazed is a "Top Speed" in a golden cap, unlike the new ones which is a silver one. I can't say how old this may be, but it has to be at least a few years old. Heart to Heart is a regular Revlon. Both formulas were decent, I would say my swatching was the culprit here, not the formula. I think these would be great over something, too, like a metallic or perhaps modifying another color. Reblog!

Here are a couple nail comparisons:

Left to right:
Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart

Blaze on left
Heart to Heart on right

Here you can see the candy shell goodness! Like a boiled sweet, as they say in the UK!

Both are beautiful. I am a softy for a jelly. I would say Blaze has coral leanings and Heart to Heart is a true red, not too crimson or too brown.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!!


  1. I am a softy for jellies too! I just bought the new revlons there called just tinted. I love these too :)

  2. Very nice. I'm really starting to love jellies. I hope they sweep the nail polish world the way the crackle trend has.

  3. These are both so gorgeous and squishy and shiny! Love them!


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