Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sapphire (Correction)

More of that Unnamed Color Club action...this one I am pretty sure is called Jewel Tone Blue. Nope! It's Trippie Hippie! Thank you Lacquerlove (Another Bottle of Polish blog).

This came out of that All About Color set that I found at Ross with a duplicate dark purple (Catwalk Queen), a duplicate reddish purple (Revv'd Up), and a duplicate blue (Jewel Tone Blue TrippieHippie) and a hottish pink, Overboard.

See, no label!

I must say that as I delve into my Color Club sets, these are proving to be lasting favorites! Why? (you may ask?) Well, they apply easily, they dry like nobody's business (except for one neon pink) and they wear pretty well. I've had decent coverage in most everything, except for one that comes to mind. To be honest, sometimes after nursing an older, or chemically difficult polish to dry it is nice to wear something that really just works, and works well.

Again, apologies for the cuticles. I am trying to figure out why all the scraggles. I do religious removal and moisture, but in the morning - sometimes only the time when there is sunshine, I have dry ones. Ack!!! So, again, apologies!!!

Thank you for reading my scraggly little nail polish journal!


  1. Wow, this is wonderful! These blues always make me to die for...

  2. Yeah, it's so deep and beautiful!
    Thanks for posting!!

  3. I have this one, but have yet to try it still! It looks gorgeous on you! :)

  4. Wear it!!! It is amazing!!!
    At first in the bottle you think "oh, a dark cobalt blue" then you wear it and it's completely beautiful!

  5. so! wow! this is what we call 'blue' :) Awesome!

  6. Thanks for your post!!
    It is a completely wonderful polish. I am loaded w/CC b/c of my local Ross, and I am glad the formula works for me.

  7. I know, without Ross I wouldn't have so many CCs either! From MUA: "Color Club Nail Lacquer:
    We wanted to let everyone know who has been wondering what colors are in our All About Color 7 Pack set (Left to Right):
    05A432 SUGAR SHEER
    05A803 IN BLOOM
    05A810 REV’D UP
    05A833 OVERBOARD

  8. OMG!!!
    Thank you!!!
    It's Trippie Hippie!!!!

    My All About Color had two of these, two Rev'd Ups, two Catwalk Queens and Overboard (I think someone rearranged them and wanted pinks or reds for themselves in another set)

    I will correct this post. I was trying to figure this one out, thought I had it, and really appreciate your help!!!

  9. I'm so jealous of those of you who have Ross stores because of the CCs and other great cheap polishes you can get, isn't that also where you can get a few other Forsythe polishes like Studio M/Massini? (I think I've already said this about being jealous here before, if I haven't I know I've thought it! lol) I'll have to content myself with Funky Fingers. Forsythe really knows how to make some good polish with only the rare dud, like that covered in diamonds collection. I know there were a few of those that it seemed like the glitter didn't mix well and ended up looking like spackle.

  10. I never see Massini. I did see a display with those rectangular bottles by Forsythe, but I really felt like they were all dupes of Color Clubs I'd already gotten.

    I think I'm lucky where I'm at, my Ross gets a lot, but it isn't picked over like some Rosses in bigger cities. I was up in Spokane and the Ross there looks like it's been plowed through! Was in the Missoula Ross (recommend it and TJ Maxx if you are on I-90) and they were a motherload!

    Funnily right next to my Ross is a nail salon. They have a big case in front of stuff for sale: a ton of fake OPI!!
    I almost took a photo...I may try...it's crazy.


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