Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anatomy of a Fail

I know that on some level those pigments that we love like duochromes and multichromes are getting either more expensive or harder to find. Though, brands like Ozotic seem to have them. What is their secret?

WetnWild must have a cost ratio of pigment per bottle. And it must be low.

To wit:

Here is the bottle:

The faint hint of duochrome on my nail was the product of much effort. Even in the sun, more weakness.  There is nothing that is promised in the bottle that arrives on my fingers. And this was after four coats of frosty boring champagne gray murkitude.

How a company such as WetnWild could possibly put forth such a murky hot mess out and call it gray or imply that it was a duochrome is a wonder!

You know the funny part? I've never even seen the TV show!

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  1. Aw, I like this one!! LOL.

    And Ozotic has amazing duochromes and holos, but they also sell tiny bottles for a crazy amount of money, so I guess it evens out.
    I wonder what's happening to all the pigments, if they really are running out, why is it happening? Why don't people just make more?

  2. Oh, bummer. I bought this one a little bit ago and haven't tried it yet. ? I probably won't like it either, then.

  3. It is so frustrating that they are so stingy with pigment!

    I want Ozotics, but right now that's off the list until I get some more moolah for polish purchases, I'm trying to go through hundreds and hundreds of untrieds, which is truly one reason I started this blog, too.

    Natalie, it may work for you, I think I've been spoiled by even Sinful's Night at the Barbados and cheapie Sally Prisms.
    Truly, though, I think this is a cheap attempt at something half hearted by WetnWild.

  4. Hmm, disappointing. You should try this layered over black or blue.

  5. I think it would be too frosty to reveal the duochrome, it wasn't sheer enough. I kind of want to like frost, but it's not my thing.

  6. This is in my untrieds; I'll have to do some experimenting with it. At least it's cheap. :)

  7. this is next on my to buy list - not so sure i need it now♥

  8. Personally, I'd say pass, save your coins for anything better. Anything!

  9. I was thinking about getting this one too, especially since it is supposed to be a dupe of Lippmann Wicked Games. I guess I'll pass now, but what a total bummer!

    I think this must be like one of the SH Prisms, Lavendar Sky, maybe? (There is also a Lavendar Pearl that's similar but looks like it has a tinge of green) I tried using Lavendar Sky and finally gave up after 5 coats. 5 coats that wouldn't dry! It was a gloopy mess with very little duochrome properties and for that one mani my bottle is now just over half full, that's how much I had to use because it was so darned sheer!

    I guess these types are just asking to go into the franken pile, or the trash can.

  10. Yeah, I feel like I was too harsh on this one.
    Last night I tried it over black again, just in case and I got nothing really at all.
    There is more pop in old SH Opals. Even the little L.A. Colors coral thing I got. This just isn't working.


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