Sunday, March 27, 2011

Significantly Galactic

When I first ordered some OPI online, I grabbed a bottle of Significant Other Color with my order. The only issue I have with ordering online is not having decent photos. This has been the one driving force behind my blog. My nails aren't pretty but I try to get photos.

Meanwhile, SOC, for short, is about as sheer as you can get. It does have a highly redeeming quality: It imparts a jazzy yellow green shimmer that is not hard to love.

Here is Maybellline Galactic Green with a comparison of it with and without OPI's SOC.

Excuse the linty-ness!!! Ack!

Galactic Green is a limey creme with a tendency on the cool side, but really not so much as to call it a blueish green. Very easy to use. I am having lint issues with my nail polish removal cloths: I was ultra economical and tried to use an old sock, well, that was a linty idea better left alone. Now I have a 1 quart zip lock back with tiny squares. Barbie washrags? Tiny makeup remover cloths? No idea what to do!

OK, back to the polish. Galactic Green here is three coats, and it applied and dried well. Then I tossed on one coat of OPI's Significant Other Color, which donned it with a gorgeous yellow green shimmer.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Ooo I wonder how Galactic Green compares to OPI Greenwich Village! I love the shimmer that SOC adds :)

  2. Good question!
    I wish I had it to compare, but I don't.
    Maybe someone else does?
    If you blog it, post a link here.

    I'm curious!

  3. Hey, the combination reminds me of the new Illamasqua - Radium...

  4. Thanks! Good to know and it knocks another lemming off the list!!


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