Saturday, February 12, 2011

OPI Night Brights Collections

This collection came about when I really wanted several of the colors, and thought, why not?

When I originally got it from the eBay seller, I had a brown shimmer My Private Jet, one that didn't match any of the set, but was a later one. I emailed and complained, she sent me the brown holo version. Then I later sent for the black holo version. If there is a fourth version, I really do not care, I've got enough to last me a lifetime.

This is a big post, so I'll discuss each polish a bit more.

Oh, first, a quick note: I did the colors a while back, then redid the My Private Jets just recently, trying to get them in the sunshine.

Here we go!

I Only Drink Champagne

A pretty champagne shimmer, some sheerness.
So much so that I thought it might be a layering polish:

Hmmmmm...not so much. It's OK, but really, not the chops to do much but look murky.

All in all, a classic. I think this is a frosty sheer, the particles are very find, and you get that "frost" vibe.

Golden Rules!

A delightful gold shimmer.
It is, like the previous polish, very much a neutral. Lots of fine shimmer, but while you can see brushstrokes, it doesn't feel like a frost.
Quite a nice polish, not super wow factor, but good!
This reminds me of the Maybelline Diva Gold and Matte Gold.

Give Me The Moon!

More sheerness, this was about three coats. I love the white with the blue shimmer, it feels like a moonlit night, that's for sure!

Again I tried to layer it:

Oh, heck no!!!! A milky white base seemed to spoil everything that the shimmer tried to do. Frosty base with shimmer particles equal a non-layering sheer!


An amazing bright navy with purple shimmer. Beautiful polish! Zero problems, except my application!!!

Light My Sapphire

A much darker navy with a frostier, finer shimmer. Not bad, reminds me of New York Color China Town, which is a favorite of mine.

My Private Jet - Brown Shimmer

A beautiful brown shimmer base with some scattered holo and silver small glitter. Much has been said about this, but this is one of the later versions, inasmuch as it is light years away from the original.
Nice formula.

MPJ - Brown Holo

Here is the brown base shimmer that is chock-a-block full of holo. It does create a linear effect in better light.
It is very sheer and needs four coats. It is very beautiful.

My Private Jet - Black Holo

The black base is a lot more subtle, in fact under most light I could hardly see the holo shimmer. I did do these photos under late afternoon sun, so I was battling with the light, but this is the one I wore for a while and after a bit, I could see the holo inside there doing its thing.

This was also four coats as well. It was quite smelly, had problems with balding, and was less holo-tastic than the brown version.

To me the brown version is the most linear holographic and will make a wonderful layering polish. The black version, I love, but feel like I've gone on a date with a guy who has had so much build up, that no matter what he does, it will always be a bit of a let down.

All in all a mix bag of a collection. I love Ink, MPJ, and Light My Sapphire, the others have better versions out there. In many ways OPI is a lucky that people brand identify with it so well, because there are obscure, drugstore and second tier brands that do better versions of the champagne, gold, and white with a blue shimmer (Give Me The Moon is an interesting polish, but no layering legs!).

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!!

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