Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Hiatus...

Sorry about that folks, I rearranged my room, put together a Helmer, and have been procrastinating the big re-organization that will ensue.
I'm also having a "be harsh" purge-fest.

The plan is to actually post bottle photos on my "Garage Sale" page.
Some polishes, though, I am sure, will end up getting donated, dumped and the bottles recycled.
I think I will also put up some empty bottles, for those who wish to franken.

Random thoughts!!

I did also try WetnWild Carribean Frost on two occasions with the full intention of blogging it, but it's bubbling, and after 4 tries, I quit. I'm really trying to get better photos for 2011.

OK, just keeping you abreast of what is up.

....and upcoming!

I'm going to finish the Sally Hansen Opals, do a MPJ comp, and much more to come.

Thanks for patiently reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Feel free to share photos of the process. :) I really need to do this but can't bare to start!

  2. Good idea!!!

    Fortunately the Senior home has volunteers that do manicures for the residents. They will be interested in my polishes.
    This helps unload many!!!



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