Monday, January 10, 2011

Layering To The Rescue

Sinful's Overjoy is a pretty polish, but very sheer. Very, very sheer.

The base is a smokey gray colored jelly with very tiny particles of glitter. I tried to put it on in many coats, however it doesn't build, so I thought I'd try it over another untried, Hot Topic Unnamed blue. The photos below show it as a brighter blue, but it's leans on the periwinkle side, which means there's some purple in there in a small amount.

Sinful's Overjoy is like they took a batch of Frenzy, stuck it in the blender, then added some gray to tint the base.

I am, for some reason, not a big fan of Frenzy, but I really love Overjoy! It's quite a wonderful layering polish!

Regarding the Hot Topic, these bottles have a cool design, but the tall, tippy bottles are a nightmare. I had a a green color that I had to put into another bottle because the wand for the brush broke off. Even this one I tipped over. Great color, but the bottle kind of helped the brand lose its appeal for me.

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