Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Franken Time!

Ross, Ross, Ross.
Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree.

The truth is, in my small 'burg, there just isn't much else for shopping! I buy most of my polish online, but there is the hunt. Ironically because this "metroplex" is less than 70k people, the Ross and Dollar Tree are productive, when they have things! So, it is fun to check them out in addition to the usual trio of drug stores I frequent.

Over the winter I wanted to begin wearing some more eye shadow, and so I've been experimenting, teaching myself more about makeup, etc. It's been fun.

Youtube, by the way, is loaded with channels by awesome ladies and gentlemen that are full on amazing. I love several people, and subscribe to quite a few!

Back to Ross. I found some palettes at Ross, honestly with an eye for frankening, but even for "real use".

I am realizing that eyeshadow doesn't make the best franken material. First you are diluting the chemistry of the nail polish, so sometimes it's never going to be anything but a gobby mess that will never dry. Second, the pigments in a lot of colors is too diluted by fillers. The best frankens I've had have been with straight pigments, other polishes, or highly pigmented nail polish eye shadow.

This one is a semi-successfull one.

Successful because I love the color: camo green.

Unsuccessful because this shadow was mixed into an old Sally Hansen cream white color that had little pigment to add opacity.

I have it below alone and over black.

From left to right:

One coat over black
Three coats alone
One coat over black
Two coats alone

Here's a bottle shot:

I love the color, but perhaps it's time to limit my frankens to polishes and pure pigments, this was a bear to dry once I got more than one coat going.

To finish on a positive note, however, I love this color. There is something about this shimmer and the camo shade that is so nice!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great green! I've got some pigments I've been saving for frankening; maybe now I'll be brave enough to try them. :)

  2. Thanks!!
    I love that shade of green. I need to poke around all those pigment places and see what's up.


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