Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello Sheerness, My Old Friend

I've come to talk with you again,
Because of colors entrancing
I bought you not thinking,
That you
Would be invisible
on my fingers
No matter how many coats,

Oh the sheers, of polish.

Here is China Glaze Rain Storm.

I think this is four coats. I might have even tried a fifth. It looks like one coat, but it's not

Yes, this is a beautiful blue, and under color corrected lamps it pulls a little purply - aka periwinkle - but it's so sheer!
I guess it's a candidate for "nailbed" colored polish. It needs a camisole and fast!

This is also "before 3 free" and it is one powerful stink-tastic polish!!!

As an aside, it smells exactly like a cheapy Chinese gold foil I got off of eBay, and boy that is cranked with some vintage chemistry. I think I feel a tumor in my lungs as I write this! Gack!!!

I love, love, love the color, but whoa, this definitely is in need of some aid.

Time to create a third drawer of layering coats: sheer in need of panties, but not so hot as a layering polish.

OK, other than that, it didn't dry decently, some dings hither and yon (peruse the pointer finger and you'll see a bit of a finger print), but once dried it pulled one more sneaky maneuver: it shrank when I applied my OOooooold Sally Hansen super glossy top coat that I found at the Dollar Tree. I figured it was about the same chemisty, so even that wasn't a win.

Ever have a polish that you want to love because of the color, but it kind of beats you up on drying, shrinkage, and sheerness?

Let's just say I'm bruised!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I agree with you, this color is beautiful, I just got it yesterday at Cosmo Prof, think is a good option for layering over a light blue.


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