Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ruffian It

I thought I'd throw a couple into the mix, a good way to celebrate the holidays!

Not hard to do, I did them freehand.

First up we have Sally Hansen Cyber over LDL 431:

Cyber is from the first batch of Sally Hansen High Definition polishes. This is a beautiful purple, and combined with this red really pops. This collection didn't have the jones-factor that the second group did, but they are very nice!
LDL, well, the obscure polish brand that keeps on giving! I don't see them often at Ross, last time they had a few that were full of clears and nudes, I've got plenty, so I passed, but, for the total lack of reliability in finding these, they make up for it in actual bang:buck ratio.

Next up is Sally Hansen Endless Claret over Jesse's Girl Blue Moon:

Jesse's Girl Blue Moon is absolutely a beautiful blue. It leans purple, but really remains blue. Plus it's a shimmer. Win!
I'm rethinking the old No Chip 10 Day polishes because I've reworked base and top coats. I only have a few, but they are good basics, what's not to love?

As I mentioned, I didn't use guides. I tried one, but it pulled off my nail polish, and I thought it was dry! And it was a set I bought at the drug store! I need to try again, I would love to do some funky french manicures.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish jour

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